Diddy Dolphins Swim School  Instructor

I started swimming at the age of 2 and have never really stayed out of the water! I ran a Swim School in Buckinghamshire in 2009 but the Cornish seas were calling me, so I moved to Cornwall to be close to the water at all times! I love surfing, snorkelling, wakeboarding and relaxing in the water. I decided to launch Diddy Dolphins in 2016 after the birth of my little boy who never stops smiling if he's jumping in puddles or jumping into the swimming pool. I used to compete in county competitions to which I miss a lot but enjoy watching every swimmer I have helped love the water. 

 ASA Level 1 and 2 Certificate for Teaching Swimming, Emergency Responder, National Teachers Rescue Qualification including spinal board management, pediatric first aid qualification, STA Level 2 Award in Parent and Baby learn to swim, CPD in Integrating Autistic children, Child Protection, Autism Awareness, training in working with children with Educational Difficulties and associate member of the Swimming teachers association and the Institute of Swimming Teachers and Coaches. Previous competitive swimmer for 6 years and teaching swimming for 15 years.





Diddy Dolphins Swim School  Instructor


I learnt to swim at a young age as my mum would take me and my siblings to the local pool. I soon joined a swim school to develop my strokes and stamina and thrived on the competition within the club. Growing up in Cornwall meant summers on the beach, spending most of my time in the sea and that's still the case in adulthood. I love to surf, bodyboard and snorkel also going out on my kayak with my partner and daughter.
I have been in the leisure industry for over 16 years. I started out as a gym instructor and lifeguard and soon after completed my Swim Teacher's qualification. I still hold a lifeguards certificate, first aid at work and child protection level 2. I have a wide range of experience teaching swimming from babies all the way through to adults and have also taught children with special needs. I have carried out lessons in different formats from one to one's, small groups to large groups. All of which I have enjoyed greatly as it's such a pleasure to see individuals improve their confidence, skill and efficiency in the water.
Swimming is such an important skill that I believe every person should have, it's never too soon or
too late,,,,get swimming!


Swimming has always been a big part of my life. I was always in the water whether it was bath time, swimming lessons or just for fun. I've always been known as the little fish growing up, even to this day I still have all my badges!  I am the happiest when I'm in water as I love the idea of being a mermaid and exploring forever. I have also previously worked as a performer in Disneyland Paris which developed my passion to support children in their development. I love swimming, surfing and body boarding. I have recently moved to Cornwall and absolutely love being beside the sea and living in such a stunning part of the world. I hold my level 1 and 2 Teachers award and full lifeguard qualification. I have a range of experience in working with all levels of swimmers and love supporting every level to fulfil their love for the water too. 


Diddy Dolphins Swim School Owner


Newquay, Cornwall