Learning to swim can be a daunting endeavour for some people, both young and old! Diddy Dolphins goal is to provide expert instruction in an environment where you are completely comfortable so you have your best swim experience.

During the early stages of learning, our teachers remain in the water with the children. Parents are encouraged to watch from the poolside where possible. Each course usually runs for 10 weeks. At the end of the course, children are assessed to see if they are ready to complete a National badge ('Learn to Swim' programme.

Each child is given the opportunity to develop their swimming skills and learn all four strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke. We build confidence first, then we work on developing Body Position, Leg Action, Arm Action, Breathing and Timing to help our students progress.

Children up to 2 years of age will follow the Discovery Duckling Awards and over 2 will follow the Learn to Swim program. Each Award programme has a system of badges and these will be awarded as you and your child reach that milestone. Many of the swimming lessons in Cornwall also use the STA/ASA Awards so making the transition to these lessons will be easy as you will already be able to prove what your child can and cannot do.

Diddy Dolphins are very passionate about swimming and feel that every child should have the opportunity to learn this very important skill in a fun and safe environment. If your question is not answered on the site, please                         with us to discuss.


TERM TIME - weekly lessons


18-36 months

Children learn best through repetitive teaching, word association and play. This regular class is held in a warm pool to help your child feel relaxed and confident to travel in the water. These lessons are to introduce floats and woggles to support them in using a kicking action and using their arms to propel through the water. We will also encourage basic breathing through blowing bubbles and putting their faces in the water which will help with their swimming technique in the future.

TERM TIME - weekly lessons



Beginners classes are run for non-swimmers.  The teacher will be in the water to encourage and ensure the children are safe and enjoying their lesson. Each week the children will use various practices to develop their water confidence and ability to travel on their front and back with floating aids or support from the teacher.

Improver classes are run for children who are water confident and swim on their front and back.  The teacher will be in the water to support the swimmers but be encouraging independence and stroke technique for each individual.

term time- weekly lessons

ADULT and baby  3-18 month's

We are running a parent and baby class in a warm pool in Newquay, which includes repetative teaching, word association and nursery rhymes to encourage you and your baby to feel relaxed in the water. The lessons are fun, socialising, bonding and provide basic water skills that can be used down the line. During the lessons we include submersion which is important for the babies development in the water. This can be done when the parent and baby feel ready. We are also hoping to introduce underwater photos for you and your baby.

school holidays 

children's swimming course  

Diddy Dolphins Swim School hold one week courses during the school holidays. These courses are the best option for children to develop their swimming in a short space of time. All swimmers who attend will develop their water confidence and stroke technique in a fun and small relaxed group.The course involves 30 minute lessons each day for a week. The Teacher will be in the water to assist each swimmer and support them in progressing with their swimming ability.

The groups are small to ensure each child receives full attention of the teacher and individual instruction for each exercise.


Newquay, Cornwall